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Parr Group supplies an extensive range of health and safety signs that comply with health and safety regulations. It is vital that your business complies with these regulations, so correct signage is a must. 

Different businesses require different signs. We are confident we can provide your business with the required signage to suit your needs. 

Prohibition signs, warning sign and mandatory signs are just a few types of signs that we deliver for our clients. 

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Why do I need health and safety signs?

Health and safety, especially in the workplace, should never be ignored. Health and safety signs are great ways of communicating important information to keep people safe. 

Minimising the risk of accidents is a crucial process in any building or workplace. 

Not only are health and safety signs required by law, but they also help to bring awareness towards any safety measures that need to be taken.

Example of Health and Safety Signs

Some common examples where you may need a health and safety sign are:

  • Slippery Floors

  • Trip Hazards

  • No Smoking Signs

  • Fork Lift Trucks Operating

  • Fire Signs

  • Fire Exit Signs

  • First Aid Signs

  • CCTV Signs

Parr Group has you covered for all these types of signage, and more!

Health and safety signs can usually be categorised into four colour-coded signs.

  • Prohibition signs – these signs have a red outline circle or triangle and prohibit certain behaviours which are usually portrayed on the sign.
  • Warning signs – these types of signs give warning of a hazard or danger and are normally on a yellow background.
  • Mandatory signs – these signs let people know of a behaviour that must be taken e.g. ear protection must be worn and feature a blue background.
  • Emergency signs or first aid signs – these signs give information on emergency exits as well as first aid or rescue facilities and feature a green background.

How much do health and safety signs cost?

In terms of prices, the cost of health and safety signage usually depends on the type of signs.

For example, fire door signs may start at £1.61, whereas traffic signs may start at £78.

Not only do we provide a wide range of health and safety services, but you can also be sure you are getting an unbeatable price. 

If you are interested in seeing more prices, you can view the full list here.

Who we supply our safety signs to

At Parr Group, we are proud to supply health and safety signage to a wide range of businesses and industries. 

From local businesses to huge corporations, we are dedicated to providing businesses with the tools to increase their health and safety. 

Whichever types of signage you are looking for, we have a full range of signs available to buy online or direct from our warehouse in Bolton. 

If you have any specific signage needs that aren’t covered please do get in touch with us today on 0845 303 9630.

Need health and safety signs?

If you are looking for health and safety signs, please view our available signs below.