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Why do you need fire training?

Make sure your staff are trained to not only deal with a fire in the workplace but also to recognise the warning signs that could lead to a fire.

At Parr Fire Protection Services we provide onsite fire safety training to businesses in Manchester, Bolton and the North West. It is not enough just having the right equipment in place if no-one is trained how to use it.

If you had a fire today, within your company would you know what to do?

Are you fully up to date with new fire safety regulations?

The right fire equipment & the right fire plan

By having the right equipment and giving your staff the training they need, your business can put in place actionable plans that will help keep your staff and business safe in the event of a fire. By raising awareness of potential fire risks in the workplace we can train your staff how to react to situations and what actions need taking in the event of a fire.

From 2005 it is also a legal requirement to ensure you have a trained member of staff at your business premises to ensure compliance.

What courses do we offer?

We offer both Fire Marshal Training and Fire Extinguisher Training. Check out our training courses today. 

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Here is a short excerpt from the The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

"The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 introduces significant change. As well as simplifying current legislation, it introduces the need for employers, building owners and occupiers to have a greater understanding of fire safety and nominate a "responsible person" to ensure compliance."

Make your business compliant

So make sure your business is compliant with the regulation. Our fire safety training in Manchester, Bolton and the North West can help your business do just that.

Where does the fire regulation apply?

The order applies to virtually all premises and covers nearly every type of building, structure and open space.

For Example:

  • Offices and shops
  • Premises that provide care
  • Community halls
  • Pubs, clubs and restaurants
  • Schools
  • Tents & Marques
  • Hotels and Hostels
  • Factories and warehouses

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