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Why do you need fire marshal training?

Having a designated fire marshal or fire wardens at work are a very important part of your company fire prevention and fire safety procedures.

A fire warden will work together with the employer and help to ensure that all fire prevention measures are put in place and the relevant evacuation procedures exist.

As of the Fire Safety Order 2005, all employers are required to have fire marshals with staff needing relevant training for the role. Fire wardens are now needed within all businesses to carry out risk assessments and build the relevant evacuation procedures.

At Parr Fire Protection Services we can provide your company with fire warden training in Manchester, Bolton and training venues across the North West. We provide a training course which has been built specifically to conform with the existing health and safety standards.

Fire marshal training from The Parr Group

If you had a fire today, within your company would you know what to do?

Are you fully up to date with new fire safety regulations?

Are you fully up to date with the health and safety legislation surrounding fire awareness and management? Our safety courses are designed to get you up to speed.

Not only becoming legally compliant but also understanding the potential fire risk to you and your fellow colleagues. Fire wardens training is vital to any business no matter the size.

The fire marshal safety course will provide you with an understanding of fire, the common causes of fire and all other potential causes of fire in the workplace.

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What will the fire warden training course include?

Introduction to Fire Warden Training - why fire safety is important, the law, employer and employee duties, how to prepare for the role of fire warden.

Understanding Fire - the fire triangle, fire classes, common causes of fire and the types of fire extinguisher.

Fire Risk Assessment - what is a fire risk assessment? identifying hazards, deciding who might be harmed, evaluating risks, record keeping and implementing findings, reviewing and updating the risk assessment.

Fire Safety Arrangements - the fire plan, fire detection and warning systems, emergency routes and exits, fire safety signs, emergency lighting and Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans.

Evacuation Procedures - evacuation strategies, your role during evacuations and carrying out fire drills.

Our trainers offer a detailed fire marshal training course that covers every aspect of fire safety that your staff need.

Here is a short excerpt from the The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

"The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 introduces significant change. As well as simplifying current legislation, it introduces the need for employers, building owners and occupiers to have a greater understanding of fire safety and nominate a "responsible person" to ensure compliance."

Make your business compliant

Our fire marshal training course will help your business complete the relevant assessments and become compliant with all the current regulations. We specialise in Fire Protection and can help pass this knowledge on to your team.

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