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Our fire safety systems

Fire alarms and emergency lighting systems are some of the most important safety elements for your business.

Don’t leave your fire risk and building safety to chance; let Parr Fire Protection Services help you.

We have a qualified team of electrical engineers who can install, maintain and service fire alarms, smoke alarms and emergency lighting systems for your business.

Parr Fire Protection Services

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Fire Protection Services

If you had a fire today, within your company would your business be protected?

Is your current fire safety system up to date?

Fire Alarm System

Why Choose The Parr Group?

Every property is different. So are the fire safety needs. Our engineers will be able to assess your property to see what your business requirements are and advise on the best and most cost effective solutions for your business.

We are a leading installer of fire alarms and emergency lighting in Manchester, Bolton and the North West. Our in house team can manage every aspect of your project from initial consultation right through to fire alarm installation and ongoing system maintenance.

We will ensure that everything goes smoothly with as little disruption as possible for your business. 

As well as emergency lighting and fire alarms in Manchester and Bolton we can also assess your business and its fire safety. From setting up signage to providing your staff with the necessary training, we can provide your company with everything you need to comply with current fire legislation.

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Bespoke Fire Safety Systems

Here at Parr Group we have a wide range of systems to help identify problematic and potentially dangerous smoke and heat within your building. We can provide a host of solutions including conventional fire alarm solutions, the very latest in wireless fire alarm systems and carbon monoxide detection technologies.

Our experienced team of professional fire alarm installers can design and maintain a tailored fire detection system that’s fully functional and fit-for-purpose. With a full range of British Standard heat detectors and smoke detectors to choose from, our experts can provide fire safety solutions for even the most complex of environments.

When you have your fire alarm professionally installed, many systems can be easily controlled from a central fire alarm control panel too. Having easy access, on-site, control of your fire safety systems is very convenient. It can also help minimise the potential for a false alarm and therefore assist in the avoidance of involving the fire brigade unless totally necessary.

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Fire Safety Systems

Other Things To Consider when looking for fire system installation

As part of your fire risk assessment and to ensure you meet all current fire safety legislation, you should also think about the following:

  • Ensure your fire marshals have the required standards of fire safety training and that their training is kept up-to-date.
  • Properly maintain your fire extinguishers. This encompasses their general upkeep and also making sure you have the correct fire extinguisher that’s relevant to the part of the building where it’s kept.
  • Keep your fire safety signs up-to-date, clearly marked and well-positioned.
  • Make sure your fire doors and fire exits are in line with current HSE guidelines.
  • Develop and implement a robust fire safety guide and evacuation process for everyone within your building to follow.

If you had a fire today, within your company would your business be protected?

Is your current fire safety system up to date?

At Parr Fire Protection Services we pride ourselves on offering honest and reliable advice and guidance for your business as well as extremely competitive prices. Fire safety is an important part of running a business and we help to make sure your business is compliant with all the legal requirements.