The Parr Group

Our Policy is:

Providing high quality reliable fire extinguishing products and services, Parr Fire Protection Services is committed to managing its activities through an efficient Quality Management System to ensure we deliver our customer needs.

Parr Fire Protection Services endeavours to fully comply with the requirements of Health & Safety and environmental legislation, regulations and applicable standards to which the company subscribes.

Our Quality Management System shall be reviewed by an UKAS accredited 3rd party to confirm compliance to BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

Parr Fire Protection Services is committed to continuously carry out product, service and process improvements within its economic and technical capabilities.

To achieve the defined policy, the business shall establish goals and performance indicators.

These goals and performance indicators shall be achieved by the use of defined procedures and competent/suitably-trained personnel.

Goals and performance indicators shall be reviewed at business meetings, where further improvements can be defined and prioritised.

This policy shall be provided and communicated to all employees

Ian Blackledge
Managing Director
Parr Fire Protection Services
September 2018